Why You Aren’t Safe Online

Online advertising and marketing is at an all time high with the ability to reach audiences anywhere in the world instantaneously with the advent of the web. It is certain that the use of the Internet will be one of the bigger topics among those with marketing degrees. With the help of social media and the increasing number people with smart phones, the internet will be a tool that could make your business into a booming one.

Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones realizing the potential of the internet and social networks. Cyber thieves and hackers have caused serious problems for millions of people everywhere. Whether it be hacking into your account of sending millions of phishing emails, these thieves will stop at nothing to obtain your sensitive material in order to abuse this knowledge or sell it to someone who will. The protection of personal privacy is a huge issue for every web user. The following infographic will outline how easily privacy is compromised and the easy steps users can take in order to keep themselves safe.

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