The Best Online Marketing Resources on the Web

Finding information on the marketing industry is not a difficult task to accomplish once you have all of the necessary resources in front of you. The Internet is a very useful tool to use for finding any type of information whether you are seeking knowledge about the industry itself, the various associations and organizations that are available or one of the various educational programs that are designed to help you succeed. This extensive list of resources provides you with the information you need to get started.

Marketing Associations

  • American Marketing Association: Marketing Power, the American Marketing Association, is a professional organization that is geared towards individuals and professionals. Its goal is to provide education and other resources to the members.
  • Internet Marketing Association: The Internet Marketing Association is an organization that was designed to provide members with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and reach within the internet marketing community. This association was founded in 2001.
  • Business Marketing Association: The Business Marketing Association began its existence in 1922 and was initially named the National Industrial Advertising Association. This association provides and promotes business to business marketing and communications.
  • Direct Marketing Association: The Direct Marketing Association is a global trade association that is in the lead for the industry. It was founded in 1917 and represents nonprofit organizations and nearly half of Fortune500 companies.
  • Promotion Marketing Association: The Promotion Marketing Association was founded in 1911 with the four pillars of providing education, a community, networking opportunities and resources.
  • Word of Mouth Marketing Association: The Word of Mouth Marketing Association has the goal of creating and enhancing products that are from brands that are spoken and “talkable” from person to person. This organization began in 2008.
  • Web Marketing Association: The Web Marketing Association was founded in 1997 in Boston, Massachusetts. There is no cost to become a member of this association. This organization provides you with a wide range of information and resources on web marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing Association: The Mobile Marketing Association was founded in 2000. This is an association whose goal is to be the primary source of information and expertise for mobile marketing. This association is dedicated to bringing together like-minded individuals in the industry and serving as a key advocate n the industry.

Marketing Employment

  • Marketing Jobs: Marketing Jobs is a site that provides you with information on the available marketing jobs in your area. You can also opt to search for marketing jobs that are available in other areas of the country. This is particularly helpful when you are seeking employment for relocation.
  • Talent Zoo: Talent Zoo is a place to search for jobs in your location whether you are seeking internet marketing employment opportunities or regular marketing jobs. This site also allows you to search through available advertising jobs, “geek” jobs, creative jobs and new media jobs.
  • MarketingHire: MarketingHire is a website that is specifically designed to provide employment information to those who are seeking jobs and careers in marketing, sales, research, PR and advertising. This company is a division of Marketing Today.

Additional Resources

  • Marketing Dictionary: This marketing dictionary is provided by Monash University and is a comprehensive list of marketing terms that you will find extremely useful.
  • Marketing Power Dictionary: This dictionary is provided by the American Marketing Association to provide you with a better understanding of the terms and lingo that is used in the marketing industry.
  • Internet Marketing Dictionary: This dictionary is geared specifically towards internet marketing terms. This is useful if this is the specialization you are interested in.
  • Marketing Dictionary: This marketing dictionary is provided by marketing Made Simple. This glossary provides you with the information you need to fully understand the marketing language you read and hear.
  • Hackers, Hits and Chats: This website provides you with extensive information on the dictionary of terms associated with marketing. This E-Commerce and Marketing Dictionary of Terms is provided by the University of Delaware.
  • Marketing: Harvard Business School offers a doctoral program in marketing. Some of the areas of study include consumer behavior, social network marketing, business to business marketing, high-technology and new media marketing, international marketing, customer-driven innovation strategy, brand and customer management and social marketing.