Earn an MBA in Marketing Online

Marketing is among the most popular MBA concentrations. Since the goals of marketing are to attract and maintain customers, marketing can be applied to virtually any industry. Masters of business administration enjoy a diverse range of employment opportunities and attractive salaries.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about earning an MBA degree in marketing online.

Where can an MBA in marketing take me?

Many marketing MBAs work for advertising agencies and public relations firms. However, people with MBAs in marketing work in many employment sectors and types of workplaces, such as market research firms, non-profit organizations, large corporations, and small internet start-ups.

What will I study in an online MBA program?


Online MBA students tend to have the same curriculum as traditional students, with the possible addition of a required computer course. MBA programs usually last about two years. Students first explore a range of topics in business and then take classes that focus exclusively on marketing. They train to assess market needs, develop products, and attract consumers. Courses cover everything from calculating campaign costs to developing effective advertisements. Students can also focus on marketing a certain category of product such as clothing or pharmaceuticals.

Will my diploma indicate that I earned an MBA online?

Transcripts and diplomas typically do not indicate where a student’s work was completed (online or on campus). A prospective employer or other university would only know that your degree was an online degree is if you earned it from a university that operates exclusively online. For instance, the University of Massachusetts and the University of Maryland issue the exact same transcripts to distance learners and residential students.

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