Careers in Marketing with Non-Profit Organizations

Business careers don’t have to involve hawking products, crunching numbers, or managing high-stress offices. If you’d like to make a more meaningful contribution to the world, then careers with non-profit organizations could fit you well.

Non-profit organizations, also called not-for-profit organizations or NPOs, do not distribute their surplus funds to owners or shareholders, but instead channel funds back into operations to help meet group goals. Examples of NPOs include charities, trade unions, and public arts organizations. Non-profit organizations account for more than 20% of economic activity in the United States.

In a crowded marketplace of ideas, non-profit organizations compete to capture community awareness. Non-profits are generally not selling products, but rather a mission, idea, program, or service. By pursuing a marketing career with a non-profit organization, you can help develop and maintain a visible identity for a cause that you believe in.

Careers in the non-profit sector let people work on important social causes, promote the arts, and help strengthen their communities. They are also excellent training grounds for a lifetime of work in the non-profit field. Employees at non-profit organizations often perform a variety of functions and gain experience in many more areas than their counterparts in the for-profit sector.